JDJJ2 Oil Immersed Voltage Transformer

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JDJJ2-35(38.5) voltage transformer is an external single-phase three-winding oil-immersed product, suitable for power lines with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 35(38.5)KV, and neutral point not directly grounded. Voltage monitoring, energy metering and power supply for relay protection and signaling devices. This product complies with IEC60044-2 and GB1207 "Voltage Transformer" standards The first winding of this type of voltage transformer is used for grounding the neutral point, so the insulation levels on both sides of the winding are different. The power line side (A side) is completely insulated, the grounding side (X side) is not completely insulated, the A side insulation 35 (38.5) KV porcelain sleeve leads, the X side leads 0.5KV porcelain sleeve, the secondary winding and the residual voltage winding are respectively 0.5 KV porcelain sleeve leads out. This voltage transformer can withstand single-phase grounding caused by overvoltage without damage. Such voltage transformers must be used in three sets


JDJJ2-35 oil-immersed voltage transformer, the product consists of a fuel tank and a porcelain sleeve installed on it. The bottom of the lower fuel tank is provided with a drain plug, a grounding bolt and a 4-∮4mm mounting hole. The oil conservator is installed on the top of the high-voltage porcelain sleeve on the upper part of the finished oil tank, and the transformer oil conservator is connected to the A terminal of the primary winding (the primary N terminal is installed at the secondary contact box). The body fixed in the lower fuel tank consists of an iron core and a coil. The iron core is made of strip-shaped silicon steel sheets stacked into a three-column type, the middle iron core covers the coil, the residual voltage winding, the secondary winding and the primary winding are wound on the insulating skeleton close to the iron core in turn, and the windings are separated by insulating cardboard. , The product is a fully sealed structure, which can effectively prevent insulation aging.

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