HY5WS-17-50DL-TB Circuit Breaker

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The detachable arrester is the power distribution type with the addition of zinc oxide arrester, which is cleverly installed on the drop structure of the drop fuse, so that the arrester can be easily carried out with the help of the insulating brake and the rod. The status of the uninterruptible power supply. Inspection, maintenance and replacement not only ensure the smooth flow of lines, but also greatly reduce the work intensity and time of power maintenance personnel, especially suitable for places such as post and telecommunications, airport stations, hospitals, etc. that are not suitable for power outages, and prosperous business districts. Other properties of the product are the same as the distribution type arrester. The second generation of drop arresters added an isolating switch. When the arrester is abnormal, the power frequency short-circuit current is used to make the isolation switch act, so that the grounding end of the isolation switch is automatically disconnected, and the arrester element falls out of operation to prevent the accident from further expanding. It is convenient for maintenance personnel to find and repair and replace in time. Our company adopts the most advanced RWI2 type drop mechanism in the world, with reliable contact, flexible opening and closing, and advanced stainless steel cover composite pillar accessories, which are anti-fouling, fast action, wide current range, and can withstand the specified current. Advantages of shock and motion loads. The product performance conforms to the national standard GB11032-2000 (eqvIEC60099-4:1991) "AC gapless metal oxide arrester", JB/T8952-2005 "composite sheathed gapless metal oxide arrester for AC system", GB311.1-1997" Insulation coordination of high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment.


1. The arrester unit can be loaded and unloaded with electricity at any time, especially suitable for places not suitable for power outages. 2. With isolation switch, when the arrester unit fails, it can automatically drop out of operation to ensure the normal operation of the line. 3. When the unit falls, a clear sign is formed, which is convenient for timely search, maintenance and replacement. 4. The arrester adopts composite jacket, and the drop mechanism adopts composite column, which has good water repellency and strong anti-fouling ability.

Conditions Of Use

a. Ambient temperature -40℃ to +40℃ b. The height does not exceed 3000m c. Power frequency 48Hz~62Hz d. The maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m/s e. Earthquake intensity of 7 degrees and below

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