High Voltage Switch Cabinet XGN15-12

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XGN15-12 series AC metal ring network switchgear is a compact and expandable metal-enclosed ring network switchgear which is suitable for distribution automation, with FLN□-12 SF6 load switch as the main switch and air insulation for the whole cabinet. It has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking and convenient installation. It can provide satisfactory technical solutions for various applications and different user requirements. The main switch of XGN15-12 series AC metal ring network switchgear adopts the FLN36-12 type produced by our company or the SFG type SF6 load switch produced by ABB company, and can also be equipped with VS1 type, VD4/S type, ISM type according to the needs of users Type vacuum circuit breaker or HD4/S5 type SF6 circuit breaker. The load switch and circuit breaker can be operated manually or electrically, and the power distribution automation function can be realized after selecting the electric operating mechanism, PT, CT, FTU and communication device.

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Normal Use Conditions

◆Altitude: no more than 1000m; ◆Ambient temperature: maximum temperature: +40℃; minimum temperature: -35℃; ◆Environmental humidity: the daily average does not exceed 95%; the monthly average does not exceed 90%; ◆Earthquake resistance: 8 grades; ◆There is no explosive and corrosive gas in the surrounding air, and there is no severe vibration and shock in the installation site.

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