ZW7-40.5 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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ZW7-40.5 outdoor commercial voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker has the advantages of safe and reliable performance, easy maintenance and long maintenance cycle. Due to the use of filling new insulating materials, the overall structure of the non-condensing transformer on the outside of the arc extinguishing chamber and the inner wall of the porcelain sleeve is placed in the mechanism box, which is convenient for installation. It also avoids the oil, gas leak and toxicity problems of other switches. Because the dynamic and static contacts of the circuit breaker are sealed in the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, and the vacuum is used as the insulating medium and arc extinguishing medium, it has a series of advantages that other types of switches cannot match. So this product is an ideal product to replace DW multi-oil circuit breaker. The structure of the operating mechanism box of this product in the middle of the circuit breaker is a central high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker. This type of circuit breaker is 260mm shorter than the original circuit breaker, and is suitable for installation in places with less space. This product is suitable for 40.5kV, 50.Hz three-phase power distribution system, as the load current, overload current and short-circuit current of the sub and station.

The Main Function

◆Using vacuum arc extinguishing. Strong breaking capacity, long electrical life, and mechanical life of 10,000 times: ◆Simple structure, maintenance-free, long period of no maintenance; ◆Good insulation performance and strong anti-pollution ability; ◆It can be equipped with ammunition or electric police operating mechanism, with reliable mechanical performance and frequent operation; no fire and explosion hazards; ◆Built-in current transformer, the lecturer's accuracy reaches 0.2, which can realize three-phase interactive protection; ◆A condensing controller is attached, which can keep the circuit open and operate reliably under a certain temperature and humidity.

Use Environmental Conditions

◆Ambient air temperature: upper limit +40℃, lower limit -30℃; ◆Altitude: 200.0m (if the altitude needs to be increased, the rated insulation level will be increased accordingly), ◆Wind pressure: no more than 700.Pa (equivalent to wind speed of 34m/s), ◆Amplitude: seismic intensity B degree z ◆Pollution level: Ⅲ level; ◆Maximum daily temperature difference: no more than 25℃

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