High Voltage Disconnect Switch GW5

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(1) The product is a double-column horizontal crack, open in the middle. It can be equipped with earthing switches on one or both sides. The 90-drive isolator adopts CS17 manual operation mechanism for three-pole linkage operation; 180-drive isolator adopts CJ6 electric operation mechanism or CS17G human-operated mechanism for triple-link operation; the grounding switch adopts CS17G human-operated mechanism for triple-link operation. (2) The isolating switch is a double-column V-shaped horizontal opening. Each single stage consists of a base, post insulators, outlet sockets and contacts. It consists of two bearings at an angle of 50 degrees and two post insulators, which are respectively mounted on the ground bearings at both ends of the base and perpendicular to the base. The main electrical part is mounted above the two pillar insulating ceramic bottles, which rotate about 90 degrees with the pillar insulating ceramic bottles. (3) The copper braided soft connection of the outlet socket is fixed on the conductive rod and the wiring board respectively to connect the user line. (4) The contact fingers of the middle contact part are assembled in pairs, using external pressure type or self-supporting type, and adopting the screw-in type to reduce the wear between the contact and the contact finger when opening and closing, and improve the service life. (5) When the isolating switch is equipped with a grounding switch, use the base where the main circuit is interlocked with the grounding switch. The fan-shaped plate and arc-shaped plate on the isolation switch ensure that the grounding switch cannot be closed when the main circuit is closed, and the main circuit cannot be closed when the grounding switch is closed.


(1) All use hot-dip galvanizing process for anti-corrosion treatment. Hot-dip galvanizing cannot guarantee that the parts that meet the rotation requirements are generally stainless steel, fasteners below M8 are stainless steel, and the rest are hot-dip galvanizing. (2) The conductive part of the copper tube soft connection type, the middle contact is a "handshake" type self-supporting contact, the spring external pressure type has no current passing through, there is only one contact in the middle of the isolation switch, and the rest are fixed by soft connection. (3) A new contact structure is adopted, one end of the contact plate is fixed with the contact seat, and the contact pressure is generated by the deformation of the contact plate and the spring, so that the sliding contact finger at the end of the contact is changed to a fixed contact head to improve electrical conductivity. (4) On-site users do not need to weld, do not need to prepare auxiliary materials, only provide mounting brackets (specify the bracket and height when ordering) (5) The rotating part is equipped with a self-lubricating sleeve without grease. (6) Main terminals are flat. (7) The pillar insulator for switch has high strength density, stable and reliable. The formula adopts high-strength porcelain, which reduces the dispersion of product strength and improves the tensile strength of the product. The structural design has a large strength reserve for the product, which ensures the stability and reliability of the product in operation.

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