110kV Oil Immersion Outdoor Inverted Current Transformer

Products Details

Product Usage

Outdoor single-phase oil-immersed inverted current transformer, used for current, energy measurement and relay protection in 35~220kV, 50 or 60Hz power systems

Conditions of Use

◆Ambient temperature: -40~+45℃ ◆Altitude: ≤1000m ◆Pollution level: Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ

Structural Features

◆This product is an inverted oil-paper insulation structure. The main insulation is made of high-voltage cable paper wrapping. In order to improve the electric field distribution and the utilization rate of insulation materials, several voltage-equalizing capacitive screens are set in the main insulation, which are immersed in transformer oil after vacuum drying, and there is no partial under power frequency. discharge. The insulation performance is stable and reliable, the operation experience is rich, and the service life is long. ◆The primary winding is a through-type conductive rod structure, which improves the product's ability to withstand short-circuit current; the maximum thermal stability current value is 63kA/3s (when the primary winding is connected in series) ◆The secondary winding is cast in the aluminum shielding shell with organic materials, and the measurement and protection lines on the secondary side will not be attacked by electricity due to insulation breakdown. ◆Fully automatic vacuum drying processing system and advanced vacuum drying processing and oil injection process ensure that the overall dielectric loss factor tanδ of the product is less than 0.4% ◆The outer insulation adopts the optimized design to make the electric field inside and outside even without discharge. There are two types for users to choose: 1. Composite insulator 2. High-strength porcelain sleeve ◆Secondary terminal for user wiring adopts Phoenix special terminal. The operations of plugging, unplugging and wiring are more convenient and fast. ◆Sub-arc welding is used for the connection between product parts, and the whole assembly is filled with high-pressure nitrogen for leak detection, which fundamentally solves the problem of oil leakage of oil-immersed products ◆The top of the product is equipped with a stainless steel metal expander, which keeps the product in a fully sealed state, prevents the transformer oil and insulating paper from getting wet, and prolongs the service life of the product, and an oil level inspection window is set on the metal expander, which can be easily observed. Changes in oil level. ◆All insulating parts of this product are made of environmentally friendly materials. ◆The bottom of the product is equipped with a multi-function oil drain valve, which makes it more convenient to take oil samples and drain oil. ◆External leaking steel parts such as base and junction box adopt two anti-corrosion processes of spraying and hot-dip galvanizing, which are beautiful and have good anti-corrosion performance.

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