High Voltage Disconnect Switch GW4

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GW4 outdoor AC isolating switch is a switch used for no-load flow in high-voltage lines, maintenance of electrical equipment such as high-voltage busbars, circuit breakers, and electrical isolation in high-voltage circuits. When the main switch is in the off position, it can provide visible insulation distance safety requirements; this product is a double-column horizontal open type, the main switch is open and closed, and the left and right contacts on the same side should be rotated 90 degrees. The grounding switch is rotated the first time and inserted linearly again to complete the process. At present, the varieties are arranged in parallel with double-conductive systems to increase the flow capacity and reduce material consumption. The actuator can be manual and electric, manual with CSA mechanism, electric with CJ11 mechanism; GW4 outdoor AC disconnect switch is based on the previous GW4 products, after further improvement and perfect product improvement, compared with the previous GW4 products, There are many notable improvements, the main blade is copper and the contacts are thick silver plated. The connection terminals with soft connection elements are conductive and multi-layered; the grounding knife is made of aluminum alloy conductive tube, the contacts are thick silver-plated copper, and the exposed steel parts are hot-dip galvanized or Dacromet. Therefore, Gw4 products, our factory has the advantages of advanced structure, strong corrosion resistance, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, and good electrical and mechanical stability.

Product Structure Features

♦ The contact spring adopts external pressure type to avoid accidents caused by spring diversion failure. ♦ The conductive tube adopts square aluminum alloy tube; the flexible connection is made of copper; the conductive contact surface is silver-plated; the mechanical strength is high, and the flow effect is good. ♦ The transmission part adopts stainless steel shaft pin and composite shaft sleeve, with low friction and reliable transmission. ♦ There is a reliable interlocking device between the main grounding knife switch and the grounding knife switch, which can effectively prevent misoperation. ♦ The installation base is fully sealed, which can effectively waterproof and dustproof. The bearing seat is provided with an oil injection hole, which can be maintained without power failure, which improves the reliability and convenience of the switch. ♦ Large steel parts are treated with hot-dip galvanizing, with good appearance and strong anti-corrosion ability.

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