Small lightning arrester HY1.5W 2.8KV3.8KV

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Lightning arrester is a kind of overvoltage protector, which is mainly used to protect various electrical equipment (transformers, switches, capacitors, arresters, transformers, generators, motors, power cables, etc.) systems such as power systems, railway electrification systems, and communications systems. ) to protect the atmospheric overvoltage, operating overvoltage and power frequency transient overvoltage, etc., is the basis for the insulation coordination of the power system. The core element (resistor sheet) of the metal oxide arrester adopts an advanced formula based on zinc oxide, which has very excellent nonlinear (volt-ampere) characteristics, that is, under normal operating voltage, the current passing through is only microampere level. , When subjected to overvoltage, the passing current reaches thousands of amperes instantaneously, so that the arrester is in a conducting state and releases overvoltage energy, thereby effectively limiting the damage of overvoltage to power transmission and transformation equipment. The traditional SiC arrester has the shortcomings of steep wave discharge delay, which leads to high steep wave discharge voltage, and large working wave discharge dispersion, which leads to high working wave discharge voltage. Zinc oxide arrester has the advantages of good steep wave response characteristics, no delay to steep wave voltage, low working residual voltage, and no discharge dispersion. The protection margin of the steep wave and the operating wave is greatly improved. In terms of insulation coordination, the protection margin of the steep wave, the lightning wave and the operating wave can be almost the same, so as to provide the best protection for the power equipment. The composite sheathed metal oxide arrester adopts the overall injection molding process of encapsulating both ends, which has good sealing performance, excellent explosion-proof performance, pollution resistance, no cleaning, can reduce the occurrence of wet flash in foggy weather, electrical corrosion resistance, anti-aging, small size, Light weight, easy installation and maintenance. It is the replacement product of porcelain sleeve arrester.


1. Small size, light weight, collision resistance, no damage to transportation, flexible installation, suitable for switch cabinets 2. Special structure, integral molding, no air gap, good sealing performance, moisture-proof and explosion-proof 3. Large creepage distance, good water repellency, strong anti-fouling ability, stable performance, and reduced operation and maintenance 4. Zinc oxide resistor, unique formula, small leakage current, slow aging speed, long service life 5. The actual DC reference voltage, square wave current capacity and high current tolerance are higher than the national standard Power frequency: 48Hz~60Hz

Conditions Of Use

- Ambient temperature: -40°C~+40°C -Maximum wind speed: no more than 35m/s -Altitude: up to 2000 meters - Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees - Ice thickness: not more than 10 meters. - The long-term applied voltage does not exceed the maximum continuous working voltage.

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