10KV11KV15KV33KV36KV27KV22KV24KV30kv Porcelain High Voltage Drop out Fuse Cutout

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This outdoor drop type fuse is an outdoor high-voltage protection device that can be configured with suitable fuses for line protection. It is the most commonly used short circuit protection switch for distribution line branch lines and distribution transformers. It is mainly used to protect transformers or lines from short circuits, overloads, and switching current impacts. In the event of a fault current, the fuse will blow and form an arc. The arc extinguishing tube is heated and exploded, causing a high voltage. It has the characteristics of economy, convenient operation, and strong adaptability to the outdoor environment. Because it has the function of an isolation switch, it creates a safe working environment for the lines and equipment in the maintenance section and increases the sense of safety for maintenance personnel.

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