For transformer High Voltage Fuse XRNP-35KV/0.5A1A2A

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This high-voltage fuse can be used for indoor system with AC 50HZ and rated voltage of 3.6-40.5KV to protect the voltage transformer from overload and circuit breaker damage. Fuses are the simplest protective appliances, which are used to protect electrical equipment from overload and short-circuit current damage; Select different types of high-voltage fuses according to installation conditions and purposes, such as outdoor drop type and indoor type, and select special series for high-voltage fuses of some special equipment; We often say fuses are fuses.

Basic parameters



1. High breaking capacity, breaking current up to 63KV. 2. Low power consumption and low temperature rise. 3. The action is very fast, and the one second feature is faster than the similar products produced in China at present. For example, the fuse with rated current of 100A is connected to the expected current of 1000A, and the pre arc time does not exceed 0.1s. 4. The ampere second characteristic error is less than ± 10%. 5. Equipped with spring impactor, the impactor has the advantages of large contact surface and low pressure. Therefore, when the switch is pressed for interlocking action, the contact surface between the switch and the latch will not break or break. 6. International standardization of specifications. 7. It has a large current limiting effect, and the current can be customized. 8. The performance of fuses delivered by our company conforms to GB15166.2 national standard and IEC60282-1 international standard. 9. Be able to reliably disconnect any fault current between the small breaking current and the rated breaking current. In addition, it can also produce various non-standard products according to user requirements.

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